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Charles Evans-Dave Liebman: Subliminal Leaps

An unusual combination of soprano- and baritone saxophones as lead melodic instruments.
Charles Evans - David Liebman - Tony Marino - Ron Stabinsky.
Hans Koert
Charles Evans latest album, entitled Subliminal Leaps,  which will be released one of these days, won't be laid down in the easy listening section of your record store. The word Subliminal suggest that the music expresses the feelings that are normally hidden in our human consciousness ………. so it called the fact if this disc was interesting for me, into question. So I gave it the benefit of the doubt and played it ........   and played it again and the harmonics and rhythms of the music touched me ……


The album Subliminal Leaps contains half a dozen tracks, all composed by baritone saxophonist Charles Evans, who saw his dream came true: Making an album with the man “who has changed my life and music in very profound ways”.

Tony Marino and Dave Liebman (photo courtesy: David Elliott)

David Liebman, I recently reviewed his albums "David Liebman Trio Plays The Blues á La Trane" and  “Lieb Plays The Beatles” (in Dutch), is a sought after reed player and was Charles Evans teacher …. who instilled an artistic mindset in the young baritonist and inspired him to pursue music to his fullest potential.  Evans received his master’s degree in jazz  and completed the Music Education program at Queens College for state certification.

Charles Evans ( photo courtesy: Susan Jaffer)

Charles Evans debuted on baritone saxophone with his quintet at the 2005 Hot Cup release "Ballads". A few years later he surprised with a solo album entitled The King Of All Instruments, which was labeled with a 5-stars Downbeat label.
Both the baritone saxophone of Charles Evans and the soprano saxophone of David Liebman are the major instruments in this album. The two reed players are accompanied by two skilled jazz musicians in the rhythm section: pianist Ron Stabinsky and bass player Tony Marino, a veteran on bass, active since the 1980s in bands led by reed player George Young and since the 1990s a regular accompanist of David Liebman.
David Liebman - Ron Stabinsky- Tony Marino - Charles Evans (photo courtesy: Carl Shinko)

The compositions by Charles Evans are all directly related to the theme: Subliminal Leaps. The unusual combination of soprano and baritone saxophones as lead melodic instruments served as immediate inspiration as I began writing this piece, Charles says in the liner notes, but it is impossible to notate or predict … the level of artistic creation derived by the three musicians

The album was live recorded at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church at Wilkes Barre ( PA), the 23rd of September, 2012.
Enjoy it.

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Hans Koert
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For many years I have wanted to record with David Liebman, Charles Evans says in the liner notes of his latest album: Subliminal Leaps. Years ago Charles Evans studied at Queens College and David Liebman was one of his teachers ... He has changed my life and music in very profound ways.  A dream came true with this relcording by Charles Evans, an unusual combination of soprano and baritone saxophones as lead melodic instruments.

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