Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Graeme Bell ( 1914-2012)

 Nestor of Australian Jazz passed away 97 years old
Hans Koert

Bill Haesler reported that on Wednesday the 12th of June, 2012 the great Australian piano player, bandleader, composer and entertainer Graeme Bell passed away in the Prince Of Wales Hospital in Sydney due to a stroke.  His visit to the hospital was just part of some routine tests at the cardiac ward some days ago.

Graeme Bell

Graeme Bell was 97 years old and started his career late 1930s in the Original Tin Alley Five, a band lead by his brother Roger. In 1941 he played at the  Leonard's Café in Melbourne. He can be heard on more then 200, most traditional jazz recording sessions and was still active and interested in the Australian traditional jazz scene in Australia in his 90s.
Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band (1950)

The Keep (it) Swinging  blog wrote  several times about Graeme Bell. Enjoy some of these contributions: Graeme Bell: Australian Icon | All Recorded Compositions and a recollection of Bill Usher, who drove Graeme Bell's coach in 1952.  |
A legend has gone - his music and compositions will survive for ever.
Hans Koert

Graeme Bell, the legendary Austalian piano player, composer, bandleader and entertainer passed away 97 years old.

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