Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keep (it) Swinging upgraded

 Keep Swinging  = Keep (it) Swinging 
After 6 years this popular blog needed an upgrade with a new url:

Keep (it Swinging upgraded (English) | Keep (it) Swinging vernieuwd (Nederlands)

The Keep (it) Swinging blog will be modernized on the first of June, 2012 ...... with a new layout and a new url:
Music on the Antarctic: one of the most favorite blogs celebrating the Keep Swinging 1000st blog. ( source: Keep Swinging blog - Hans Koert)
The (old) Keep Swinging blog was founded Februari 2006 as a place to share my fascination for jazz and jazz-related music and to promote my other music projects (together with co-editor Jørgen Larsen) ( Oscar Alemán - Choro-Music - Flexible Records - Hit of the Week-Durium project).  It started as a daily blog in Dutch and after half a year also published bilingual ( in Dutch and English). Last year it celebrated its 5th anniversary.
One of the artist whose music and concerts were promoted: Philip Catherine (photo: Hans Koert)
Last month 10,000 unique visitors found the Keep Swinging blog ( 30% from the USA - 25% The Netherlands and Belgium and 30% from the rest of Europe). Eighty-five percent of its visitors found the site thanks to search machines, like Google, which means that the Keep Swinging site has found its place as site to promote records and artists. So, in my opinion, the Keep (it) Swinging blog should to be continued.
 A blog about one of those great historical concerts in Dutch jazz history: J. J. Johnson Quintet in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam ( 1957) ( photo courtesy: Jimmy Wormworth)
The site itself is hosted by Blogger and since 2006 it renewed and modernized its services. The Keep Swinging blog needs, after more then six years and 1500 blogs, an upgrade, but, upgrading such a large database would mean that a lot of information could become damaged and lost. So, I decided to create a new Keep (it) Swinging blog with the url: with the same target: Sharing my passion for jazz and jazz-related music and record collecting.
Bass de Jour:  One of those informative blogs about the world of the great jazz men like Ron Carter (photo courtsy: Hans Koert)

So, if you're one of its regular visitiors of the please change its link into

Hans Koert
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The Keep Swinging blog was founded februari 2006 and since that day more then 1500 articles about jazz and jazz-related subjects were published - now, it's time to upgrade the site and to present you its new name and layout with a new url:  Hope you like it. (Hans Koert)

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