Sunday, July 29, 2018

Licks To Riffs At The Guitar Course - Jazz Edition

Ton Van Bergeijk
Some months ago I pointed you to a DVD based Guidebook entitled Licks to Riffs by the Dutch guitarist Ton Van Bergeijk . This course was the first part of a scheduled two-part guitar instruction guide with focus on the blues style and how to adapt any lick to any chord changes at the guitar aiming to generate versatile riffs. Now the second part of this guide for guitarists has just been released with focus on how to continue the excersises in jazz and jazz-blues. Ton explains it further in the promotional video uploaded at You Tube

Ton stated in the video, quote: ”Once you’ve gone through the additional concepts in the first part of this course, you’ll be able to adapt your licks to any song you may encounter. We'll then study 9 essential licks and turn them into riffs; each on a jazz-blues and rhythm changes. We'll put them to work over two jazz Standards, using the progressions of Sunny Side of The Street and Indiana.” - The used licks in this course range from a New Orleans style pianistic background a la James Booker, to licks used by horn sections in the great Riff Orchestras, to licks composed by the great Jazz guitarist George Van Eps. - Further info about the course and how to get a copy is available here.
DVD guidebook (TrueFire, 2018)

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