Sunday, June 29, 2014

Musette With Lammy Bruyns Combo

People, who visit Paris, France with time on their hands, probably will take a break at one of the city's many cafés, have a glass of wine and enjoy the ambiance of the place that may include musical entertainment and performance by an accordionist and ensemble playing the kind of music, which the locals will identify as musette.

The musette accordion has had a revival in contemporary entertainment. The influence of the great players of the past lives on and the music is also well taken care of by the Dutch accordionist and singer Lammy Bruyns and her combo that excells in both traditional musette, swing-musette and French chansons.

Lammy Bruyns
 Accordionist Lammy Bruyns has won several prizes in Holland and other countries. After her classical training she played in the “Dutch Accordion Ensemble”, but was later also active in the entertainment sector e.g. in “The Fourengo’s”, made recordings with pop singer Linda Ronstedt and founded the group Pardouce”. In 2011 she came into contact with Georg Lankester – guitarist in the Django quartet named  “Quatre Tickets de Swing” and with him and two other musicians she formed a new group which se called “Lammy Bruyns Combo”. This combo has specialised in the French Musette as well as the Gypsy Swing as created by the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt (1930/40).

Lammy Bruyns combo
Georg Lankester, a regular contributor to this blog, is a Django-style guitarist and brings next to his swing rhythm some solos.  Recently the rhythm group changed, since rhythm guitarist Arthur Siero now replaces Martin Ackermann. Jan Miedendorp de Bie the excellent bass player is, like Arthur, experienced in the Gypsy Swing. In March 2014 some first recordings were made in a Deventer studio – since two rhythm men were unable to attend, the four tracks were recorded with Lammy, Georg and bass player (and studio owner) Joris Bijleveld. The complete combo will make more recordings in the course of 2014.

To end this small presentation of Lammy Bruyns and her combo, here's a live-performance of the quartet recorded a couple of years ago - Enjoy this 'film noir' of the Lammy Bruyns Combo on stage


The French musette originated at the dawn of the 20th Century in Paris, where numerous accordionists of local fame made this style of music popular in the dance halls of the city (- named 'bals-musette'). The influence of jazz and swing in the 1930s and 1940s had a profound importance on the development of the musette and a hybrid genre often named 'swing-musette' evolved with the contributions by Gypsy string wizards like Django Reinhardt a.o. Today musette is still associated with the accordion, and a modern example of the vitality of this music is well demonstrated by the Dutch accordionist Lammy Bruyns and her combo.

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