Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Hot Time In The Class Room of Fingerstyle Guitar - New DVD Lessons by Ton Van Bergeijk

Ton Van Bergeijk (You Tube still photo)
Some months ago I wrote a small review of the new great solo CD by the amazing Dutch guitarist Ton Van Bergeijk devoted to fourteen pieces of blues influenced music composed and/or arranged for solo fingerstyle guitar by the guitarist. You still have the opportunity to read this review with additional info in inserted links how to obtain a copy of the CD entitled Pickin Again! Just Blues (and a wee bit o'Jazz), here

Pickin' Again CD (Ice 'n Slice Records 89065-2)
In the liner notes with the Pickin' Again CD, Ton Van Bergeijk pointed to a planned release of some video lessons as a follow-up to the CD to give other guitarists an opportunity to study the music further. Now these video lessons are scheduled to be released as a DVD coming week offering 90 minutes in depth covering of patterns, licks and variations of eight tunes from the Pickin' Again CD. A promotional video of the forthcoming DVD course has been made and uploaded at YouTube, inserted here

In the video, Ton explains the goal of these DVD lessons further, quote:
”It has always been my belief that the gems from musical history can be used in many different ways. I've gathered licks, patterns, New Orleans piano based grooves, and other influences from country blues, swing, rhythm & blues, and even the funky 70's. I've adapted them for fingerstyle guitar and projected them on a blues and boogie environment. Fiddling and juggling all of these elements is what this course is all about. The old supporting the new, and the new enriching the old.”
Ton Van Bergeijk in the inserted video (You Tube still)
More info about the contents of the DVD course and how to buy a copy of it is accessible here 
- Newcomers wanting to learn more about Ton Van Bergeijk can visit his official vewsite, here and may also find further info here
DVD, Truefire 2016

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