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Philip Catherine & Martin Wind - A New CD And Live Performance in Porgy en Bess, October 2014

Philip Catherine (photo by Hans Koert)
Regular readers of this blog will already know that Hans Koert - the originator, founder and main editor of the Keep Swinging website including underwebs and blogs - appreciated the Belgian jazz guitarist Philip Catherine  - both as a musician and as a person. You can still read Hans Koert's devoted and affecionate reviews of some of Philip Catherine's previous recordings and live performances by following the links collected at this page, and you also have the opportunity to enjoy some of Hans' great photos featuring Philip Catherine by clicking here.

The last review by Hans Koert of a Philip Catherine album and a live performance by Catherine and his quartet was published last year, here, a follow-up to the celebration of Catherine's 70 years with the release of the CD titled Côté Jardin and the presentation in a concert at Porgy en Bess (Terneuzen). On October 19th this year, Philip Catherine again performed in Porgy en Bess, this time in a duo setting, and the current background of this performance was part of the presentaion tour of a new CD featuring Catherine and bassist Martin Wind, New Folks, released earlier this year by the German ACT label.

CD front: New Folks, ACT 9621-2 (Cover Art by Philip Taaffe)
The CD was recorded in April last year and features thirteen tracks including four compositions by Catherine, among them 'Hello George (for George Shearing)' and 'L'Eternel Désir', two by Martin Wind: 'Song For D' and 'Standing At The Window Wawing Goodbye', the remaining titles are modern jazz standards and there are further  new arrangements of Willard Robinson's 'Old Folks', Paul McCartney's 'Jenny Wren', Irving Berlin's 'How Deep Is The Ocean' and Carmichael's 'Winter Moon' - more info including tracklist and audio clips available here 

Philip Catherine & Martin Wind (photo courtesy by Dean Bennici/ACT music)
All tracks of the CD are splendid examples of Philip Catherine's mature and lyrical guitar work, and bassist Martin Wind contributes with solid support and excellent solo spots throughout. Martin Wind is a young, German bassist with a career in  the USA and also leading his own ensembles besides contributing his skills both as a bassist and composer in various other settings, learn more at his official web, here. -  The duo was brought together by producer Siggi Loch of the ACT label, and judging from the music at the New Folks CD, the co-work between Catherine and Martin Wind has been fruitful and the benefits of their interplay outstanding. - From a live-performance in Dortmund, Germany earlier this year was recorded a short fragment in rather bad footage and uploaded at YouTube, however, I'll insert it here to give you an impression of the interplay between Catherine and Martin Wind

As mentioned above, on Sunday October 19th this year the Catherine-Wind duo performed in Porgy en Bess presenting music from the New Folks CD. The concert was attended by members of Hans Koert's family and friends a.o., and Peter Koert, Hans' younger brother, sent me his impressions from the concert, which I'll insert below.

Philip Catherine and Martin Wind in Porgy en Bess
Peter Koert  

Last Sunday 19th October 2014 there was a great concert of the fabulous duo Philip Catherine (guitar) and Martin Wind (bass) at the great Jazz stage Porgy en Bess in Terneuzen, The Netherlands.
Caterine/Wind in Porgy en Bess (photo by Jaap Sonnevijlle)
The relaxed duo played a number of their own tunes of the superb new album "New Folks", for instance "Hello George", written by Philip Catherine and "Song for D" written by Martin Wind.

The modest and tuneful  played "Old Folks" was personally dedicated with affection by Philip Catherine to Hans Koert who passed away last month and wrote so many passionated reviews in this blog.
Dedication to Hans Koert
Thank you Philip, Martin and friends of Porgy en Bess for this touching moment!
Philip Catherine (photo by Jaap Sonnevijlle)
Peter Koert

Thank you, Peter, for sharing these impressions from a special live-performance featuring Philip Catherine and Martin Wind.

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